Preferring JSlessness? Fine as the content shown is rendered with a text file known as RSS. So I provide needed text files to help you.
I am figuring that out, Later on, What I can do just write these text files.
Below are the source locations, You either can read in raw, using phraser such as thunderbird to read, or other ways you prefer. You can share these in your own way.
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When there are some issues when visiting the websites, I suggest you checking the feed as the feed is still effective.
How to support me? You either use the feed link with feed reader such as Flym (one of sans B.S Android(R) application which I recommend users try using that), read feed in raw and follow what's new, press the following button on respective websites ,visiting these websites regularly, kakin (subscribe some or do all. It is said, Service providers Reserve a right no providing any feeds without prior notices.
The above shall be updated without prior notices